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In November 2012, I rescued a street dog from Turkey. Although she was very affectionate, she had welcoming issues with other dogs. It took her 6 months to properly feel comfortable with our Beagle. So when I bumped into Deborah from Proud Of Dog, who immediately recognised Libby as a street dog, I told her about Libby's issues and she offered to help. Well, we have only had 3 lessons and Libby is coming on in leaps and bounds. The training is very intense, but at the same time, it is done is such a way that it is not stressful to me or Libby. It is also the type of training that does not involve force, but a kinder approach to training which Libby seems to respond to. She is already sniffing and showing less aggression to the dogs in the training sessions.
Jo Wheeler-Osman
Deborah says: Libby was apparently attacked several times on the street by other dogs as they were all trying to survive in a hostile environment. Jo quickly understood that the choke chain she was advised to use on Libby was neither helping to stop her pull nor to overcome her nerves around dogs. Jo seemed relieved to be able to remove it from Libby and to replace it with a no-pull harness. Jo has been studious in learning the skills to help Libby and she also brings the best treats without any prompting - real sausage, chicken and ham. Libby is responding really well to controlled encounters with dogs.
Deborah Campbell
My border collie, Cody and myself have been working with Deborah for the past few months, doing Behaviour Adjustment Training therapy for Cody’s reactivity and fear towards adults, children and other dogs when she is on lead. Cody is improving gradually. Deborah has been a great help, she is a very quiet & caring person, with an excellent knowledge of BAT therapy and working with reactive dogs. I would recommend Proud Of Dog to anyone wishing to help improve their dog’s anxieties/problems.
Jo Preston
Deborah says: Jo lives in an urban setting and cannot easily avoid children, either walking down the road or in parks. Jo works hard to avoid putting Cody in a situation where Cody cannot make a good choice, whilst putting into practice the skills she has learnt to make any encounter with a child a positive or at least neutral one for Cody.
Deborah Campbell
boo and mouse
Proud Of Dog offers training, tailored to the needs of the dog and the owner to reach their ultimate goals. I have been having sessions for my two sibling bitches and as I am a first time owner, I also have a lot to learn. My dogs are chalk and cheese in character and need different approaches to achieve the same end result. Deborah explains the techniques that you are going to use and why. She makes sure that the dog is comfortable with what they are doing and don't feel overwhelmed. My two girls are much calmer as a result and progressing nicely.
Sarah Hawkins
Deborah says: Boo and Mouse displayed the same reaction to dogs in the distance on their land, and at the vets. However, upon assessing them individually, Sarah discovered Boo and Mouse have different needs so a therapy programme has been tailored for each dog. Sarah diligently works through her 'homework' with each dog and is now at a point where she has the knowledge to take her dogs out individually into the big, wide world.
Deborah Campbell