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Real Life Essentials 1-2-1 training

Puppy Home Start

You can book one of these as soon when you bring your puppy home at 7 or 8 weeks old and you will learn the foundations of bringing him/her up well and building a loving and respectful relationship with him/her. This will include socialisation requirements and how to do it, preventing and solving common puppy problems in a kind, effective manner (toilet training, chewing, biting and more) and the beginnings of some basic training. We also provide useful and informative handouts. 

£50 for a 2-3hr visit

For services where Proud Of Dog comes to the client and the client is outside a 5 mile radius of our base, there will be a 30p/mile charge per subsequent mile there and back.

Real Life Essentials 1-2-1 puppy and adult dog training

We also offer one-to-one Real Life Essentials for puppies and adult dogs and tailored training at a variety of locations to suit. This may be either because you want personal and devoted coaching or because your dog may be better suited to learning outside a class environment. 

Puppy skills

You will learn effective puppy parenting, how to ready body language to quickly decide what the puppy is trying to tell you and other animals around him, how puppies learn and the basics of marker training (so you can be clear what you want your puppy to learn). You will also learn how to cope and handle puppy mouthing, biting, chewing, digging, jumping up, counter surfing or running away with things in the mouth. You will learn how to use toys appropriately as well as food for motivating your puppy.

Your puppy will learn how to:

offer you attention and recognise his/her name
touch your hand when you want him/her to move
comfortably wear a collar and harness
accept handling (for vet visits/general check overs)
sit and lie down
come back when called
settle/relax on a mat/bed for human meal times or visits to cafes
drop items from his/her mouth you don't want them to have
control his/her impulses around food and toys 
play appropriately with toys
not be worried about someone close to their food bowl or toys
toilet outside
walk on a loose lead
be confident home alone
settle in a crate

Your puppy will also go through a real life familiarisation (novel objects) & socialisation (people/dogs/other animals) programme - meaning he/she will get to learn about all the things we take for granted in the home and outside with the intention of growing up into a confident and happy adult dog.

Adult dog skills

We specialise in integrating rescue dogs, especially ex-street/dump/free-roaming dogs, into new human lifestyle/routines/structure.  Many of the puppy skills listed above will be the same for the adult dog and guardian to learn. We focus additionally on relationship-building exercises and games, rather than obedience-based skills (which can come later down the line)

Taster session £30

6 week course.  £150 for a 6 week course. Each lesson lasts 1hr 30 mins. We go outside into the real world for training during these sessions as well.  There are no fuel charges due to location changes throughout the course.

How to book

To book any service:

  • Please call or email us to confirm availability 
  • Complete the booking form which we will send you by email
  • Pay for the course or session in advance or on the first day of the course or session
  • You will receive a confirmation email and various joining information