in home consultation

In Home Behavioural Consultation

The In Home Consultation follows the completion of the questionnaire which will be emailed to a new client. This questionnaire gives a complete and thorough overview of the whole of the dog’s life. There are no right or wrong answers and please be as honest as possible. Remember, Proud Of Dog operates a no blame/no judging policy.The form has been designed to be completed in Word and to be emailed back to us.  Should you have any difficulty in completing this form, please let us know.

We will also ask for your approval to contact your vet prior to the In Home consultation. This is to ensure that we understand in advance if there are or could be medical reasons for the current behaviour before we start work. However, if it becomes apparent that the behavioural therapy requires medical intervention or we suspect pain- or other related issues contributing to the behaviour, the client will then be referred back to the vet and/or a veterinary behaviourist. If a behavioural issue is outside our skill set or experience, we will refer clients to local professionals who can help.  

During the consultation, we will work through the results of a questionnaire and make suggestions which could immediately affect the behaviour in question and we will also recommend a plan of action to help the client and the dog in the longer term. Some of these recommendations may entail booking Therapy Sessions, especially with regard to social-related reactivity (dog to dog or dog to human aggression). This is explained under the Therapy Session section.

Guidance will be given, if necessary, before the visit to ensure the welfare and comfort of the dog and to allow the client to relax, duing the In Home Consultation.

The In Home Consultation is followed up with a detailed plan which will be emailed within 3 working days and comes with 30 days telephone or email support. 

£65 for 3-4hrs

For services where Proud Of Dog comes to the client and the client is outside a 5 mile radius of our base, there will be a 30p/mile charge per subsequent mile there and back.