Here are some links to other websites Proud Of Dog likes, recommends and which we find inspirational:


Kathy Sdao for her book, Plenty In Life Is Free - Reflections on Dogs, Training & Finding Grace. This book questions Nothing in Life is Free, Say Please and Learn to Earn programmes and makes us think deeply about our relationships with our dogs.

Grisha Stewart for her gentle and unassuming personality, and for teaching us that 'Only Good Things' are what should be and for developing a natural method of rehabilitation.

Jean Donaldson for writing The Culture Clash.

Karen Pryor for writing Don't Shoot The Dog.

Suzanne Clothier for pioneering relationship-based dog training.

Chirag Patel of Domesticated Manners for his clear and methodical videos on handling.

The most important summary of why punishment-based and dominance-based dog training should have been assigned to the history books by now.

A neat article why dogs are not pack animals.


Why saying 'No' in dog training is pointless.

Susan Garrett, for her fun recall games

Emily Larlam, who has been the inspiration for us and so many others, with her free, short You Tube tutorials under the name of Kikopup and for launching her Progressive Reinforcement Manifesto.

Vince Forehead of Canine Communications, Gosport for being a really clever clicker trainer and for being amazingly intuitive with dogs, especially those with sensitive personalities, and for being an inspiration to us (and for making the best liver cake in the South).

Rise Van Fleet for being a compassionate and grounded trainer and behaviourist.

Holisitic therapies

Sarah Fisher and her team for their sensitivity and expertise when it comes to reading dogs and helping them relax, using TTouch.

Caroline Jones for her Zoopharmacognosy service, based in Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire. This incredible therapy offers animals the chance to select and self-medicate with herbs, oils and grasses that they know instinctly will help them, physically and emotionally.

Winkie Spiers for her presentations on canine body language.

Training accessories

TTouch Harness for excellent, no-pull harnesses. 

For keeping dogs busy with their brilliant invention based on a shock absorber - the Kong food dispenser range