Behavioural therapy

The In Home Consultation is always carried out at home and we would kindly request that the whole family is present for the duration of the appointment.

For Therapy Sessions, we work with clients on a one-to-one basis, recreating real life set ups as much as possible. For social-based reactivity (towards other dogs and/or people), Proud Of Dog offers a variety of locations in Southern Hampshire, which are well suited to recreating real life set ups. Where the reactivity is towards family members (aggression towards pet parents, housemate dogs, touch sensitivity and so on), we work in the client’s home, if this is appropriate to the client.

A Google Map is sent to new clients with pins showing the locations available in Southern Hampshire. If a client is unable to travel to any of our specified locations, we can work closer to the client in a location agreed prior to the appointment and there will be the normal fuel charge which applies to cover our travel to that location, if it exceeds the 5 mile radius of our base. 

For Guided Walks, we accompany clients on their normal routes and coach them at the same time as real life happens. We can also suggest new walking routes or exercise areas if appropriate. If these are within a 5 mile radius of our base, there is no fuel charge.

Real Life Essentials 1-2-1 courses

1-2-1 courses are held in a variety of locations to suit - the home, the pub, the garden, the park, the forest, the vet or the pet shop. The course is tailored to suit you and your dog's requirements in real life situations.