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We use the term pet parent in most of our literature.  We're not the only source to use this term even if some find it rather 'New Age'; others prefer pet guardian; others refer to dog owner.

To us, it seems odd to say we own a dog, a dog owner, a dog-owning member of the public, like we own a car or a house. There isn't a word which seems to fit between owner and parent/guardian which comfortably describes the human-canine relationship. Dog owner and dog ownership however are the correct legal terms, as dogs are property, but in non-legal contexts, we know other terms are used instead. Please comment if you have any ideas.

Back to this week's blog entry. 

Most of what is taught in progressive rehabilitation allows pet parents to build their own confidence in such a way that they should hopefully no longer need weekly sessions. This is a mark of success, notably for the pet parent. From our perspective, we want for you to no longer need your weekly sessions, we want for you to feel confident and in control with what life throws and delivers to you, when you're with your dog. We want to teach you the skills you need and not for us to retain the theories and explanations of them as something magical and secretive, that you can't understand or achieve yourselves.

This is something to think about when you're working through the process of managing and rehabilitiating your dog. If you are working hard on the foundation behaviours and attending sessions, you should see progress and steps towards some goals. It may be slow progress though. It helps to be realistic. Improvements don't happen overnight. 

If you get the training buzz once your dog feels happier with whatever troubled him and you want to carry on weekly sessions, we offer Real Life Essentials training (fun ways to build on your dog's bond with you, attention games, self control games and more) or we can recommend local, progressive clubs where you can take up a new sport in a safe, controlled environment.


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