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Deborah Burrows IMDT CBATI

With two working collies (one from a puppy, one rescue) and two ex-street dogs, Deborah has had personal experience of living with and improving the lives of her dogs. Her first collie developed touch sensitivity (with aggressive behaviours) at adolescence as well as sound phobias and an aversion to classroom environments. Searching for answers, amidst a sea of what would turn out to be myths and inaccuracies about her beloved dog, Deborah chanced upon the Victoria Stillwell Positively forum as well as attending a seminar held by Winkie Spiers - which set in motion a tidal wave of change in the way she viewed her relationship with her dog, helping him to enjoy their partnership, and giving her the knowledge to defend against damaging and ineffective advice.

Deborah then rescued a 'project' dog, a female working-type collie with an uncertain future. She suffered from reactivity towards people and could not easily be controlled. Looking for answers and a route to rehabilitation, Deborah took her through various programmes, whilst absorbing as much as possible about how dogs learn and associate with their environment, and learning about various methods to rehabilitate her dog. Deciding to follow only progressive and ethical therapies, her collie has the skills to interact (or not) with people as she chooses, and is living life to the full as much as she can handle.

An upsetting outcome of a local lost dog search brought about the happy adoption of a Greek street dog whose DNA test revealed a cross between German Shepherd and a Weimaraner. Adopting a street dog brought different areas to improve on - trust in handling for example. Another Greek stray came to live with Deborah (German Shepherd/Husky and more cross) who made a canine household of four. 

Deborah expands her knowledge and experience by attending theoretical and practical courses and events.

Qualifications and workshop attendance 

  • Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • Open College Network Level III accredited qualification 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' 
  • Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI)
  • Training from Core to Complex: The Many Faces of the Modern Trainer, Ken Ramirez, 2015
  • The Human Half of Dog Training, Rise van Fleet, 2014
  • Canine Aggression and its causes and how to prevent it, Kendal Shepherd, 2014
  • Practical Puppy Training Instructors Course, Chirag Patel, 2014
  • Completed the Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour courses (ADTB), 2014
  • Grumpy Dog seminar, Nando Brown, IMDT, 2014
  • Scentwork Games workshop, Nando Brown, 2014
  • Aggressive Behavior in Dogs: Understanding, Managing and Modifying webinar, Chirag Patel, 2014
  • Signals Of Pre-emptive Aggression webinar, Sarah Whitehead, 2013
  • Practical Skills Workshop Level 1 and Level 2, Chirag Patel, 2013 and 2015
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation, 2013
  • DogTaggs Foundation in Nosework for Behaviour Counsellors, 2013
  • Setting up your own aggressive dog classes webinar, Pamela Dennison, 2013
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Practical Instructor's course, 2013
  • Method Comparison - a critical look at seven different methods for fear-based aggression webinar, Grisha Stewart, 2013
  • Vaccination discussion workshop, Catherine O’Driscoll, 2013
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor’s Course, Grisha Stewart, 2013.
  • How to change predatory chase behaviour in dogs, David Ryan, 2013
  • Search and Rescue basic training, Dorset Search Dogs, 2013
  • Relationship & Motivation Workshop, Kris Glover, 2013
  • Neutering, vaccination, thyroid disease workshop, Nick Thompson, 2013
  • Recallers programme (online), Susan Garrett, 2013
  • Shaping A Difference programme (online), Susan Garrett, 2013
  • Raw feeding workshop, Nick Thompson, 2012
  • Animal Aiders Dog First Aid Training Course, 2012
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training for Fear and Aggression, Grisha Stewart, 2011
  • How Dogs Communicate, Winkie Spiers, March 2010