Companion puppy and dog training classes and behavioural therapy in hampshire

Real Life Essentials puppy & dog 1-2-1 training & behavioural therapy

Real Life Essentials puppy & dog training 1-2-1 training

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Behavioural services

You'll be coached in the management and rehabilitation of your dog, at home or in flexible indoor and outdoor locations to suit you and your dog.

Your dog may be frightened or scared of the following and I can help in these areas:

  • People, including those living with the dog or those he meets outside. Aggression toward caregivers is often one of the most upsetting and difficult to understand for them. A note about children: I don't handle aggressive behavioural cases towards child family members in the home and I will refer on to another professional
  • Housemate dogs
  • Other dogs
  • Grooming and veterinary procedures. For example, nail cutting, brushing
  • Inanimate objects and sights & sounds. For example, fears and phobias of the car, the vacuum cleaner, thunder, fireworks

Please also note that if it becomes apparent that there could be a medical reason for your dog's behaviour or medical intervention needed, I will refer back to your veterinary practice and discuss this with you.

Behaviours I don't handle
I don't handle strong prey-driven behaviour (uncontrollable chasing/killing of other animals) and will refer out for this. However, I can help you with the chasing of cars, joggers, bikes and teaching your dog to ignore slow moving wildlife especially here in the New Forest with ponies, cows, and donkeys. 

Guarding of 'valuable' objects. For example,certain people, the sofa, the bed, toys, the food bowl etc

Separation anxiety (caregivers leaving the dog at home (separation anxiety), resulting in the destruction of the home

Obsessive and/or self-mutilating behaviours. Your vet should rule out pain or neurological issues before any behaviour modification plan is embarked upon

Dog to dog and dog to people aggressive behaviours.

We recreate controlled, but real life scenarios which we consider to be the most efficient learning. In this respect, I don't offer classroom-based services. So, I work in your home, in private locations, on the street, in the park, accompanying you on walks or at your regular training or sports classes - all depending on the needs of the dog. Please see Services. I also use a variety of locations in South Hampshire - large indoor training venues and outdoor spaces, where we can honour the dog’s natural need for space and relaxation during learning.

My aim is to teach both you and your dog the practical skills which will help your dog to change the way they view the scary things in life, allowing your dog to lead a happier life and integrate socially if suitable. I aim to help you understand the nature of the reactivity, read your dog's body language and coach you to use the skills when you are alone. I aim to demonstrate that force-free, low-stress methods will make a difference to both the daily life of your dog - and yours, as both lives becomes more stress-free.

Proud Of Dog offers behavioural advice to adopters of Greek Animal Rescue and Friends of the Strays of Greece dogs in the UK. This is up to two hours telephone consultation, followed by notes and a recommendation to a local force-free trainer/behaviour counsellor (if required).  Greek Animal Rescue and Friends of the Strays of Greece are UK registered charities, working at ground-level to treat, neuter/spray, and rehome dogs, if possible, living on the streets.